Media Center on a Win8 tablet

Media Center on a Win8 tablet
Started By TheRob , Feb 28 2016 09:06 PM

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#1 Media Center on a Win8 tablet: post #1 TheRob
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Posted 28 February 2013 – 09:06 PM
I’ve got an ASUS VivoTab Smart Atom-based tablet tablet running Windows 8. I hate the native Music and Video apps that come with the OS. I was thinking about using Media Center for this purpose. So a few questions:

Anyone running Media Centre on a Win8 tablet, and if so, what’s it like with a touch interface?

What’s the best way of putting Media Center on the Tablet? MS have something called the Windows 8 Pro Pack that you can add to standard Windows 8 that adds Win8 Pro features + Media Center. Does anyone know if this is just a license key that simply unlocks these features, or does it do some sort of upgrade to the OS?

#2 Media Center on a Win8 tablet: post #2 Capow2000
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Posted 28 February 2013 – 09:54 PM
Windows 8 Pro media centre pack is an upgrade from windows 8, unless it is already win 8 pro in which case it just downloads and installs media centre pack. I have not put media centre on a tablet, but I have on a netbook and it runs just fine on an atom processor. I do however have a touchscreen monitor on my desktop and wmc works just fine with a touchscreen.
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Posted 01 March 2013 – 05:45 PM
It won’t work on RT, but should work on an x86 Atom CPU. The concern is (if this is still the case), the included GPU with an Atom has no hardware acceleration. That’s why the ION/ION2 option has been popular with Atom CPUs.

Haven’t done it in Windows 8, but in W7, the anytime upgrade was a 10 minute “upgrade” where it just unlocked the features & changed the version name.