Electronic parts, accessories and devices for your VCR service and repair

Introducing You to Wagner Online

With over two decade’s worth of experience in the field of electronics, Wagner Online are widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading online electronics super store. Being independent by nature and offering a wide variety of products and services to those in need; Wagner quickly became a name synonymous with affordable electronic accessories that don’t sacrifice on quality in the process.

Who are Wagner?

For more than 25 years now, Wagner have striven to source the highest quality components, accessories and gadgets from some of the world’s leading suppliers – all with the intention of offering wholesale prices and discounts to their customer base.

Specialising in audio visual, communications, engineering and electronic products in general; the brand are one of the few in Australia that have been able to maintain a consistent level of customer satisfaction, paired with an effective sales team that often go above and beyond the call of duty.

What products do they offer?

When it comes to electronic accessories for VCR service and repair, Wagner have made a point of stocking the widest variety of goods available in the country. From small accessories such as their socket replacement components for USB, right through to Bluetooth hands-free kits – there’s a reason why the brand are quickly becoming known as one of the most reliable providers of electronic bits and pieces.

It’s not just replacement parts, adaptors and accessories that they specialise in either; they also offer an incredible variety of full kits and products that can be used out of the box. These products include headphones, extension cables, antennas, port switches and much, much more in between. But even with the incredible variety of products available at www.wagneronline.com.au, it’s not the sheer volume of components and accessories that have made the brand as popular as they are – it’s their prices.

With many of their products offering some of the lowest price tags online, let alone within Australia, the company are able to source the highest quality goods and then extend very affordable discounts to their customers; as well as free delivery on eligible orders.

It won’t matter if you’re hoping to upgrade your car’s speaker system, if you want to enjoy a faster laptop or PC, if you like the idea of building your own electronic device, or if you are in need of CCTV for your properties’ security; Wagner Online can all but guarantee to have a device to suit your needs. The best place to start is on their website, where you’ll find a full breakdown of all products that they have available (as well as guides on how to use some of them).