Mobile Phone Repairs

When it comes to having your mobile phone repaired, there are a few things that you need to know when you are looking at the process and equipment used by a professional mobile phone repair centre. First off, it is important to purchase equipment of very high quality at the same time. For this reason, you will want to identify the manufacturer of these devices and see if they have their own equipment or not. In some cases, these companies actually contract with other companies that manufacture these devices. In this case, the customer can choose what they wish to use for their device, whether it is a spare part that you already own, or if they purchase a spare part and then re-ship it to you. For the purpose of this article, we are providing the complete list of the necessary equipment and tools needed for mobile phone and iPhone repairs.

The first and most important item that you will require for your mobile phone repairs is a screwdriver, which is the tool that you need in order to access the internal components of the cell phone. As previously stated, some companies will have their own equipment for your mobile phone, so this does not always have to be used, however, it should be the first thing to use when you are in need. A mobile phone repair manual is also very important, as it will contain the complete steps of how to carry out mobile phone repairs. These manuals will usually also include diagrams. Another important tool is a pair of pliers that is used to extract the battery. This is the most important item that you will need for mobile phone repairs.

If you are looking for a more affordable way of carrying out mobile phone repairs, you might want to look into purchasing one of the many mobile phone repair kits that are available on the market today. These kits are essentially the same type of device that would be used in an automotive repair shop, except that you are dealing with your phone rather than your car. This means that all the repair parts and the tools that you will require can be purchased in any store that sells mobile phone repairs. kits. These kits are typically very reasonably priced and a great way to get the job done without having to spend a lot of money on equipment and tools that are not necessary for your mobile phone repairs.

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Electronic parts, accessories and devices for your VCR service and repair

Introducing You to Wagner Online

With over two decade’s worth of experience in the field of electronics, Wagner Online are widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading online electronics super store. Being independent by nature and offering a wide variety of products and services to those in need; Wagner quickly became a name synonymous with affordable electronic accessories that don’t sacrifice on quality in the process.

Who are Wagner?

For more than 25 years now, Wagner have striven to source the highest quality components, accessories and gadgets from some of the world’s leading suppliers – all with the intention of offering wholesale prices and discounts to their customer base.

Specialising in audio visual, communications, engineering and electronic products in general; the brand are one of the few in Australia that have been able to maintain a consistent level of customer satisfaction, paired with an effective sales team that often go above and beyond the call of duty.

What products do they offer?

When it comes to electronic accessories for VCR service and repair, Wagner have made a point of stocking the widest variety of goods available in the country. From small accessories such as their socket replacement components for USB, right through to Bluetooth hands-free kits – there’s a reason why the brand are quickly becoming known as one of the most reliable providers of electronic bits and pieces.

It’s not just replacement parts, adaptors and accessories that they specialise in either; they also offer an incredible variety of full kits and products that can be used out of the box. These products include headphones, extension cables, antennas, port switches and much, much more in between. But even with the incredible variety of products available at, it’s not the sheer volume of components and accessories that have made the brand as popular as they are – it’s their prices.

With many of their products offering some of the lowest price tags online, let alone within Australia, the company are able to source the highest quality goods and then extend very affordable discounts to their customers; as well as free delivery on eligible orders.

It won’t matter if you’re hoping to upgrade your car’s speaker system, if you want to enjoy a faster laptop or PC, if you like the idea of building your own electronic device, or if you are in need of CCTV for your properties’ security; Wagner Online can all but guarantee to have a device to suit your needs. The best place to start is on their website, where you’ll find a full breakdown of all products that they have available (as well as guides on how to use some of them).


How to Use a Free Presentation Maker Online

Using Free Video Presentation Maker Online Platforms


Creating iconic videos and compelling animations was something that used to only be possible to those with the technical know-how. Recently a range of websites turned their attention to this gap in the market, and this is why you’ll now see a range of free to use presentation maker software available online.

The key things to consider about tools like and Canva is that they take the technical side of things out of the processes involved with animation, in favour of simplistic features that can be used by anyone. As promising as that might sound you’ll still need at least a minor level of understanding in order to take advantage of the creative features, so we’ve put this short guide together to help you to use a video creation tool to its fullest potential.

Choosing the Right Service

The first thing that you will need to do is to decide on the free animation maker. By searching for these types of services online you’ll be presented with a range of options, so spend a bit of time getting to know how each one works, what they offer and whether or not they are free to use. Creating a video can be as simple as it is affordable, so don’t jump at the first one to pop up – unless you’re certain that it can meet your needs. Ensure when making high resolution video presentations that if you are performing this task on a laptop you may be exposing your self to EMF radiation and require a shield.

Play with the Features

Practice makes perfect and fortunately, most tools will offer a range of instructional videos and explanatory clips designed help you to get to grips with their potential. Take this opportunity to familiarise yourself with the types of features that are available, as they will be important when you decide to put your own video together. When you’re ready, just select the options that will allow you to get started on your animation project.

Go Through the Motions

At this stage, you’ll need to tell the software what you want it to do with the frames, animations and photos that you are planning on using. You will be given the option to choose your own colour scheme and style – and this will be applied to any of the animations and visuals that the website provides. If you’re planning on uploading your own photos or animated clips you might not be able to affect their colour; but you should still be able to modify the frames that they are placed in.

Finalise the Video

Once you’re happy with the way that your video looks you can have it rendered in full resolution, which can take anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour depending on the frames that you’ve included and the overall size of the file. At this stage you might need to pay a one-off fee to download your document – or you might find that with free options, you’ll get to use your video with a small logo added to advertise the online video making tool.

Finding vulnerabilities with ethical hacking

What is ethical hacking also known as Pen testing.

Well, first consider that hackers are everyday individuals that will have jobs and responsibilities. These people can be programmers, coders, or career criminals – but if there’s one thing that they will all have in common, it’s that they can cause millions of dollars in damage every year. There are typically two types of hackers; those that practice their activities for entertainment, and those that wish to gain something out of it.

But there is a secret third type of hacker, the anti-hacker if you will and these experts are invaluable to businesses that operate their own online presence via a website. Often referred to as ethical hackers, these individuals are willing to offer their expertise and digital prowess, in return for a fee, or some form of compensation.

Pen testing on promotional websites

What is does crowdsourced security  do?

Hackers often come from backgrounds where they will have been exposed to coding and programming, although there are those that are self-taught, too. Some will dedicate hours of their time to causing damage to websites simply because they want to, but it’s not uncommon for them to do so for financial gain as well.

Crowdsourcing works by bringing these hackers together with businesses; and instead of doing so to damage the infrastructure of a site, these ethical hackers will instead offer to discover flaws and weaknesses in return for a fee. Many businesses have started to utilise this method, as it is the digital equivalent of fighting fire with fire.

How to Crowdsource your application security testing

This unique take on the hacking genre has taken the world by storm, so much so that many businesses are now offering thousands of dollars in compensation in return for ethical hackers to source, identify and report potential weaknesses that may leave a site exposed to hacking. The process starts by a company releasing a bounty for white hat hackers, in return for evaluating the companies’ website. When bugs, glitches and issues are discovered, they can be reported to the website owner directly, where they will be able to pay for the effort and then rectify the concerns.

Enhanced firewall installation

Most networks are exposed to no fewer than a dozen intrusion attempts on a daily basis – and many of these attempts originate from automatic bots that are consistently attempting to gain access to a site’s infrastructure. Some hackers create even more advanced systems that will actively seek out weaknesses in coding and programming, and an enhanced firewall can go a long way in deterring these efforts. By upgrading a firewall, the network will be able to almost immediately identify any hacking attempts and then block them.

Can online security really be improved?

This is where white hat, or ethical, hackers come into the fray. It’s their job to review, evaluate and identify a website’s flaws and possible weaknesses. Many ethical coders will have access to the most advanced tools and resources – plenty of which will have been designed and developed by their community, so employing their use in a safe manner can help to ensure that a website won’t fall victim to someone using the tools with criminal intentions.

As far as a business is concerned, the ability to have a knowledgeable expert locate and report the most prominent bugs and issues can be very beneficial – and once identified, it can be a simple task to introduce measures to metaphorically fix the break within their system. And all that a white hat hacker will want in return is a fee to act as compensation; something that thousands of businesses are willing to pay, in return for helping to protect their sites and services from unsavoury activities.

Secure File Transfer : The Benefits of Secure File Transfer with Remote Delete Options

The Benefits of Secure File Transfer with Remote Delete Options

As of 2016, it was estimated that 1 in 2 internet users will experience some form of hacking attempt within the space of twelve months. Whether this is down to the improvement in technologies used by hackers, or because of people’s tendencies to overlook internet security software isn’t entirely clear; but what is understood is that in this day and age, it can be hugely important to protect files, documents and data to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Many businesses will transfer a variety of data throughout their own servers, as well as via third party software and tools – and it’s estimated that even on a personal level, internet users will send and receive millions of bytes of data each year. Being able to not only keep this information secure, but manage it whenever needed can be a top priority and it’s one of the main reasons why so many are turning to secure file transfer with remote delete options, as provided by online software.

What is secure file transfer?

This term, often abbreviated to SFT is unique in the sense that rather than sharing data in small packets across the web between emails for example, it will instead encrypt this information so as to keep it secure at all times. Encryption can be applied to all bytes of digital data; from the text within specific emails, all the way to the sharing of images and more.

There are some times where a file may need to be properly managed once sent and in the past, the only option would have been to rely on the recipient to handle the event as expected. Within the security industry (both commercial and national), hackers have often been able to infiltrate systems and access information that should have been kept under metaphorical lock and key.

These days, even the smallest business will typically send, receive and rely on important information and private data to operate – and if this should fall into unsavoury hands, then untold damage can be done. This is why so many are choosing secure transfer options; especially those with remote delete capabilities.

What does this option offer?

For a start, an individual will be able to log into their own secure network and access all relevant files and pieces of information without difficulty. Not only this, but they will also be able to send and receive data and then have it stored securely. The most important factor is the prospect of remote management however – and this can be especially useful when certain files might need to be deleted from a server, without having to physically access the relevant system in order to do so.

And that’s what remote deletion options make a possibility. By allowing a user to log in and modify/ transfer/ delete any files that they deem necessary, the risk of data breach will be minimised and controllable – making it even easier to keep a network safe from external threats, or prying eyes.

Animation Makers Free Online Video Platforms

Video Software For Animation Makers

Fortunately, there are  methods available to those attempting to work within a budget to make animated videos for work or fun – or for those that appreciate free services that don’t sacrifice on quality. Online video maker sites can offer the ideal solution to those in need of a world class service, without a world class spending limit. These services make it easy to create compelling, awe-inspiring videos to rival those that cost thousands of dollars – and all of this can be done without having to spend a single cent.

There are two main ways to create these types of videos. The first is via a free video maker tool – usually in the form of a website. The second is to spend thousands of dollars hiring a professional video production team. Although both boast their own pros and cons, one in particular does appear to outshine the other and here’s a closer look at why.

Using Video Making Software

The first thing to do is to sign up to a free clip making website – one that doesn’t feature hidden charges or cleverly disguised fees. There are dozens of good websites to choose from, all of which boast their own unique features and functions that can make all the difference when creating a unique video.

Next, give the video making software a quick spin; just to get to grips with the potential, whilst learning a little bit more about the way that the website works. At this stage, you’ll undoubtedly discover how the video will come together – usually in the form of animated slides that can portray messages and text.

Once you have the hang of how things work, why not try creating a quick clip – simply to see how the finished piece will look once finalised. This is a great opportunity to really test out how the unique slides work, which ones go well together and how best to lead one scene on to the next. This might seem like a job for a designer, but in reality anyone with a little enthusiasm will soon learn what looks good and what might be better off left out.

How do free animation platforms work?

Whether you’re keen to make a video, or if you simply want to learn a little more about these types of features – you will undoubtedly want to hear a little more about the types of websites that offer these services. The first thing to note about these sites is that they are often willing to extend their features without a price tag, so this already eliminates the need to invest in a professional videographer.

When comparing the features and benefits of a paid service and one that doesn’t require payment, it’s easy to think that a step down will be required with the latter option. In reality, a good provider will offer an extensive range of options – and as long as the final result is satisfactory, then you could very well have saved yourself thousands of dollars.